Finding the right agent

Almost half of Australians are likely to move only once in their lifetime. This can make choosing the right real estate agent a difficult process when it comes time to move. Selling your property can be stressful and choosing the right agent is a major determining factor in how smoothly the process will run. How do you find the right agent though? We have put together a list of our top tips for picking the right agent.

Shop around

Make sure to shop around for your agent. You are going to (hopefully) be in contact with your agent a lot of the time, the first thing to make sure of is it is someone you can get along with.

Evidence of success in your area

Agents often specialise in certain areas; it is important to ensure the agent you are considering has proven success in your area. Agents who work in your area will have a database full of clients waiting to get their hands on a property. Ask them to provide you with their recent sales in the area and also do your own research online, has a sold property section which is a great resource.

Pop into an Open house the Agent is holding

What better way to see how an agent will represent your property then popping into one that they already have listed. This is an effective way to judge their professionalism and check they put in the effort your property deserves.


A good marketing plan will make for a successful sale. Buyers look in certain spots when wanting to purchase and if your property isn’t there, is it really getting the exposure it deserves. Make sure your potential agent has a presence on the internet, is vital, that they plan to organise a board to be installed at the front of your home, and also advertise in your local paper. This covers all areas buyers will look.

Some agents also offer a ‘no sale, no charge’ option on their marketing. It is worth asking about this.


Fees are negotiable. Make sure when shopping around for agents that you discuss the commission rate.

Market Appraisal

Ensure that the agent provides you with a written document stating how much they think they can sell your home for.

A commitment to provide you with regular updates

You want to be kept in the loop about what is happening in regard to your property. Make sure your potential agent will be calling you after all opens and throughout the week to keep you fully up to date.

Ask for References

A good agent will have previous vendors who are willing to provide a reference on how they found dealing with your potential agent.