Selling in Spring

Spring is a great time to sell your property. The sunshine is starting to grace us with its presence and people are coming out of hibernation to enjoy all the fresh, warm air. During this time of year, the real estate industry sees a surge in the amount of properties on the market. With people often viewing several properties a week, how do you make your property stand out and achieve the best price possible?

Great first impression

As they say you can never have a second chance at a first impression and first impressions certainly last. Creating an inviting entrance will have buyers forming an emotional attachment to the property, which is vital for a successful sales campaign. The following simple steps can help achieve this outcome:

  • A freshly painted door
  • Replace any damaged hardware
  • Potted plants
  • New door mat
  • A clean, swept entry and path
  • A visible property number

Give your garden a bit of TLC

As we welcome the spring weather, buyers tend to turn an eye to the outside of the house. Take advantage of the blooming flowers, make sure lawn areas are full and luscious and mulch all garden beds for an immediate garden facelift.

A little bit of mulch can go a very long way (not literally, you will need to order the correct meters per square).


Decluttering is one of the most effective things you can do when preparing your house for sale. Buyers will appreciate a spacious feel and it will allow them to easily picture themselves living in the property.

A good way to look at decluttering is starting to pack early. Consider items that you may not have used for the past few months and think about whether or not you will be using them within the coming month. Seasonal items are a great place to start. Suggestions have also been made that it is a good idea to put away personal photos and have clear bench spaces to create a sense of room.

If you’re unsure of what you should put away, ask your agent!

Small updates

Small updates can make big changes. Things such as taps, shower heads, bathroom mirrors, cabinet hardware, light fittings can all be changed for little money and make a tired room more modern and visually appealing.


You never really notice how ‘pre-loved’ your walls look until they have a coat or two of fresh paint on them. When painting, it is a good idea to keep in mind that buyers won’t always have the same taste in colours as you and that it is a good idea to keep the colour scheme neutral. Opt for colours such as white, off white, warm white, cool white, white & more white.